5 Luscious Links: Top Articles Worth Reading This Weekend

Want some helpful, juicy, ridiculously good articles to read over the weekend? Look no further.

Here are five lucious links worth reading this weekend.

1. Vocation: Discerning the Call of God by Tim Keller

  • This article by Tim Keller is a MUST read for anyone wondering what God’s will for their life is, and/or anyone wondering if their job/career has any significance. Keller assures you that all work contributes to God’s work, no matter what field of work you are in.

2. On Building A Network

  • What does it mean to have and build a network? How does one do that? This post by my friend Mike Worley has great insights on what networking is (and isn’t), and provides some helpful tips on how to network with people better.

3. 3 Steps to an Effective Social Media Strategy 

  • This a fantastic article on developing a social media strategy, especially if you are just getting started.

4. How to Tell a Good Story With Your Life – or – The Four Critical Elements of a Meaningful Life 

  • Don Miller‘s simple premise is this: the elements involved in making a beautiful and meaning story are the same elements involved in making a beautiful and meaningful life. This article is a concise/condensed version of his fabulous book, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. (Which you should DEFINITELY read!) Don also has a conference coming up later this year (three of them, actually) called Storyline: how to live a more meaningful life, which will be held in Portland, Nashville, and Santa Barbara.(I’ll be going to the one in Nashville, TN; if you’re going too and would like to meet up, let me know!)

5. A Remarkably Simple Business Plan

  • The wonderful folks at Copyblogger offer an excellent (and FREE) internet marketing course called Internet Marketing for Smart People. This post on business plans is remarkably simple, effective, and useful. I read this post on Monday and have been thinking about it all week. Definitely worth reading and implementing. (And definitely worth signing up for their free Internet Marketing for Smart People course.) You should also read EVERYTHING on the Copyblogger blog; some of the best content in the world in my opinion.



Question: Was there anything you read this past week that was super good? We’d love to hear about it; Please share with us in the comments! 

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